Operation and maintenance: improved productivity and efficiency

 DSC5946We provide our customers with extensive industrial operation and maintenance services that meet the strictest safety and environmental requirements. Expertise, continuous improvement and cost efficiency are the cornerstones of our operations.

Our services range from comprehensive operation and maintenance to various project and expert services, including turnkey delivery projects. We are continuously developing our operations to meet the varying expectations of our customers.

The utilization and integration of IoT and digital tools into our operation and maintenance process is becoming increasingly important to our customers and our company. We plan and carry out our daily operations using the Flow® system, a highly automated order-delivery process that utilizes modern mobile technology. We minimize process disruptions with our MP INtelligence® system to improve productivity.

With our Value Elements® solutions, customers can choose the individual service products they need, to build up a comprehensive service solution.

Long-term confidential partnerships with our customers form the core of our operations.

Maintpartner's service concept

We build customer-specific solutions from our service products
MP Value Elements®

Our operational model guarantees cost-efficient and high-quality performance
MP Way®

We operate flexibly in regional centers close to our customers

We have a highly automated order-delivery process that utilizes modern IT and mobile technology, which we use to plan and carry out our daily service operations
MP Flow®

Predictive maintenance: We maximize your production facility’s reliability with the help of real-time customer data, analysis, and automated instructions
MP INtelligence®


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