Advanced digital solutions for industrial maintenance development

Our digital solutions represent the state-of-the-art development in industrial maintenance. In our services, we utilize IoT, big data and mobile technology.

MP INtelligence® is a predictive system based on neural network. It warns of equipment failures and process disturbances long before the sensors in the facility react to them. MP INtelligence helps to avoid production stoppages and downtime due to unexpected breakdowns, which may save millions of euros. The system continuously learns more about the plant operations and the findings that lead to actions. It also guides the operators to optimize the plant operations.

MP INtelligence has demonstrated its benefits in Finland at various power plants where it typically eliminates some 30 – 80% of unavailability costs. It is at its best as part of systematic plant operation and well-managed maintenance.

The service includes real time collection, handling and analysis of customer data as well automated instructions and alarms for customers to prevent production disturbances.

Modelling and simulation of plant maintenance serve dynamic predictive maintenance which ensures that the preventive maintenance program has been optimized in accordance with the plant’s performance targets. Maintenance resources can be allocated without delay to the most critical objects from the business point of view.

MP Flow® is our field work management system which ensures that right maintenance work is performed at right time and that there are enough resources to carry out the work successfully first time.

Our technicians us the MP Flow mobile application where maintenance needs and orders are transmitted, and the data is updated in the plant’s maintenance system without delay.

Read more about MP Flow and how it works in practice.


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Industrial maintenance goes digital